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Bath & Brush

Bathe and hand dry. Anal glands. Ears plucked and cleaned. Face and feet are trimmed up. Toenails are clipped.  


Full Service Groom

Bathe and hand dry. Anal glands. Hair cut. Ears are plucked and cleaned. Everything is trimmed up. Pads are shaved and cleaned. Toenails are clipped.  

Add Ons

Remoisturizer - Will add moisture to the skin and coat. It also helps relieve itching. No additional charge

Medicated shampoo - Helps with itching, flaking, and dandruff skin. No additional charge.

Oatmeal shampoo - Helps sooth dry itchy skin. No additional charge.

Teeth brushing - Helps with bad breath and helps with tartar build up. $10 charge.

Nail trimming for pets not being groomed also available. Between $10 to $20 charge.

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